Summer24: Recycling Items for Craft

Our topic this term is ‘ World in Our Hands’. Over the next few months we are going to be building our knowledge and understanding of our world including how we can take care of it.
Part of this will be looking at sustainability and recycling, and we will be creating some art pieces out of recyclable materials. So, we are asking for any donations of the following;
  • Magazines, Newspapers, Paper – the more colourful the better!
  • Plastic or paper wrappers.
  • Plastic or paper bags
  • Fabric scraps. 
  • Small carboard tubes and small boxes or cartons (no bigger than your hand)  
  • Anything we can weave with. 
The more colourful the better – especially red, white and green as some of the art will be used to decorate for the upcoming Eisteddfod Maldwyn. 
Please do not send it any metal or glass, and please ensure items are clean and dry, thank you.