School Vision

Our Federation mission statement in Welsh and English is written at the top of our vision. We work hard as a school community to ensure that we all, with caring hearts, grow, love and learn together in our own individual ways.

The mission statement is written through the rainbow which is a constant reminder of hope and togetherness. The children were also very keen to have plenty of colour in our vision.

The Welsh flag flies proudly on one of the hills. We are very proud to be a school in Wales and being Welsh is an important part of our identity. The hills themselves are also an important part of who we are, we are nestled in the Cain valley of rural Mid Wales and the rolling fields that surround us are homes to native flora and fauna. The hills also represent the agriculture that is an important part of our community.

The river that runs through the vision represents the Federasiwn Dwy Afon (Two Rivers Federation) as both Llanfechain and Llangedwyn Church in Wales Primary Schools have rivers running near by. The rivers also hold important elements that contribute to the life of our school and pupils.

Standing in the centre of the vision is an apple tree, the symbol of our school representing all we stand and aim for, and what we work to ensure our children will become. The tree’s roots are our school values which are at the roots of all we do. On the trunk is the cross, representing the guidance and influence of the Church in Wales. Growing on the trees are the four purposes apples. The Four Purposes are the starting point and aspirations of our curriculum design, and are what we work to ensure our pupils become.

Standing at the foot of the tree are two children, a reminder of who is at the heart of all we do.