Our curriculum aims to offer a broad, balanced and inclusive curriculum to all our learners giving them the experiences, knowledge and skills they need to fulfil their potential.

Please find below some information about the curriculum.

As seen in the document above, the four purposes are a key part of our curriculum here in Wales and in Llanfechain that is no different! They are the starting point of our curriculum and are the nationwide shared vision and aspirations for all children and young people

We are dedicated to ensuring our children get all they need on their journey to the four purposes so they become ambitions capable learners, ethical informed citizens, healthy confident individuals and enterprising creative contributors.

Part of the journey is engaging learners with the four purposes, helping them develop an understanding of where they are going with learning and why. We use the following information to help them with this.

During the designing of our curriculum as a federation, we highlighted the main themes found through all the areas of learning experience, then split them over the three terms of the academic year. These now give us the focus of our experiences and learning during those terms, whatever the topic. We also split our school values over the terms. This allows us to cover our curriculum thoroughly and give our learners new perspectives over the year.

Overarching themesSelf
Questioning and exploring Communication
Impact and influence Inquiry
Innovation and creativity
Thankfulness Advent themes – hope, peace, joy, faith
Compassion Forgiveness Generosity  Respect Friendship

In Llanfechain we use our curriculum to support learning through designing learning opportunities that draw upon the pedagogical principles which enables learners to make meaningful progress.

Our curriculum focuses on giving learners all they need to make progress from their own individual starting points, wherever that may be and giving them an understanding of progression themselves. This is achieved through feedback, discussion, self and peer assessment and review.

This in turn supports our approach to assessment, the purpose of which is to inform planning for future learning. Assessment is embedded as an intrinsic part of learning and teaching. All learners will be assessed on entry to the school.

The mandatory cross curricular skills of literacy, numeracy and digital competency are intertwined throughout our curriculum. We do this by giving learners ample opportunity to meaningfully apply, develop and refine these skill in all areas of learning experience.

•Literacy Skills – develop listening, reading, speaking and writing skills

• Numeracy Skills – be able to use numbers and solve problems in real-life situations

• Digital Competence – be confident users of a range of technologies to help them function and communicate effectively and make sense of the world

In this area of the curriculum we give children career and work related experiences. This can involve children taking on various career based roles for example helping in the local shop, selling in school enterprise events or serving at coffee mornings, or meeting with people from a range of career backgrounds such as paramedics, authors, illustrators, artists, mountain rescuers and business leaders.

Our school will promote knowledge and understanding of Part 1 of the UNCRC, and of the UNCRPD, among those who provide learning and teaching.