Collective Worship

As a church school we take part in regular collective worship sessions as a school, classes and groups. Our collective worship is based on our values.

Our collective worship gives children a chance to reflect, respond and engage with their spiritual, ethical and religious beliefs in a range of creative and engaging ways.

  • Singing – we love to sing a range of modern and traditional worship songs.
  • Drama – we watch and take part in dramas to illustrate and explore the messages of our collective worship sessions.
  • Listening – we listen to presentation and the thoughts of others to help us learn and understand.
  • Stories – we listen to and watch different stories, these may be from the bible or from real life experiences.
  • Art – we use art to respond and express in our collective worship.

…..and much more!

Our collective worship also links to our Nurture Afternoons, giving children further chance to develop their thoughts, values and beliefs.

We also take inspiration from our diocese – the diocese of St. Asaph – and their message of…