Spring24: Dragon Bags

We’ve teamed up with Daffi the Dragon to help develop students awareness of textile recycling while providing them with a platform to fundraise directly for their school. 

Please send any of your clothes that are fit for recycling to school and for every ton of clothes we donate we can raise £400 for the school! Check what is/ isn’t accepted on the front of the bags and fill those bags as much as you can. These clothes can then end up travelling to any part of the world to have a second life and provide affordable clothing to those that really need it.  

Please send all your unwanted clothes back to school in the bags provided by the 13th March and lets see how much we can raise!  

Please return the bags if you don’t use them for someone else to fill. We will aim to do this regularly so don’t worry if you miss the collection this time. 

We have plenty more bags if anyone needs more.

A huge thank you to Rebecca, Dylan’s mum, for organising this for us.

Here’s a promotional video to explain more…